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We offer end-to-end production, or just the process you need

As end-to-end manufacturer, we offer jewelry production

from mould making all the way to finish product.

If you looking for outsourced manufacturing or part of your production process in Thailand, 

feel free to contact us to check our tariff

Facilities including 

Product Development, Casting, Fabrication, Bracelet Fabrication, Stone Setting

Polishing and Plating 

All processes are strictly quality controlled and ISO 9001:2015 certified



Looking for big order and closeout,

let us know

We have over production capacity over 33,000 pieces per month. If you are looking for big orders from our designs or your designs, please don't hesitate to contact us, please note, we offer in price-per-piece basis and advisable volume for wholesale price is 500+ pieces per order.

However, we do offer closeout too, which we can offer in price-per-gram basis for silver items, just request the closeout catalog.



We always welcome partnership

We have multiple partnerships across the world helping delivering best quality jewelry 

to satisfied clients. Whether you are stone supplier helping clients find the manufacturer or global distributor sourcing the products. Just talk to us and let's grow business together. 



Small quantity but lots of designs, 

we can do that!

We have been working and supplying high quality supplying jewelry to many retailers across the world for over 20 years. If your retailer have specific style you would like us to help, just let us know your requirements, we have over 30,000 designs to offer.

Why buying direct from us?

We can accommodate your requirements, whether you need specific type of stones or adjustment in the designs. By being end-to-end manufacturer, we always try to help our customer to achieve the products they need as much as we can.

But I buy small quantity but a lot of designs?

No problem, we can accommodate that too

We have been working many small retailer clients and we understand

that you would like to try out what sell and what doesn't before reordering

Feel free to explore our COLLECTIONS or PRODUCTS in the website and let us know if there are any items you would like to get the quotation on.

Alternatively, just talk to us directly if you have specific requirements and products you looking for



We are here to help!

Whether you are the brand owner looking for the alternative manufacturer or a start up creating your dream brand. We are here to help you to achieve that!

Check out our OEM page

for more details on our OEM service offering and general information

or talk to us directly



Buy with confidence directly from the maker

We have retail too! Worldwide shipping!

Silver items starting from 490 THB

Gold diamond ring from 2,990 THB

We also made-to-order service at factory price!

Let us know your request or just talk to us about anything!

"Heart-crafted accessories"

The premium range of silver jewelry with best quality Cubic Zirconia with every item has its unique style aiming for younger audiences

"Make it Yours"

Made-to-order jewelry, offering affordable gold diamond rings. Or you want something one-of-a-kind, we will help you do that!

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