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Sales T&C - M


"Over the years, we helped a lot of our customers grow their brands and businesses

from the successful brands to start-ups. We understand the challenges and pain points,

which is why we are trying our best to help accommodate them:

competitive price, design alteration, rapid prototyping, etc.

Our motto is to work with transparency and honesty.

Never hesitate to let us know on how we can help you,

and if those are things we can do to help within our capabilities, we shall."

Visarut Nopsanti, Vice President


Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Representative for any question, we will try our best to accommodate your requirements


We offer pricing by pieces basis 

Just pick something you like from our web or request us for more design

If you looking for something particular, just let us know, we will tailor the catalog for you,
e.g. Semi Precious Collection, CZ Collection, Diamond Collection 

Sales Incoterm & Shipping

All prices are by default FOB
(Fee On Board exclude Shipping & Insurance)
(If you would like the quote in different terms, let us know)

We use FedEx as main courier for shipping

if you already have existing other international courier (e.g. UPS, Blink, TNT),
just let us know

Terms of Payment

1. SWIFT / TT Transfer

2. Credit Card via PayPal (5% Charge, advisable for small amount only)

30% Deposit Before Production

70% Before Delivery

Delivery Time

The order generally takes 4 - 6 weeks after placing the orders

considering with proofing sample in that time as well



During our 20 years experience, we have helped many customers developed

the products and built the brands

Regardless you are looking for a new manufacturer or just a start-up of your dream brand,

we will help you til the end and answer any question regarding to the product and production.

Exclusivity & Confidentiality First, Always!​

We respect our client's intellectual property and

we enforce serious matter on this area throughout production process.

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required?

Do not hesitate to send us first! 


Free Consultation

If you have idea but don't know the way to put into the actual design yet,

we will help you develop the idea. 

We will develop the technical sketches for your proofing which is free of charge.

The charge only comes when your decide to continue working with us.

Initial Development

Due to the nature of jewelry production, there are many processes involved which required craftsmanship skills and labor intensive.

Ultimate goal is that the jewelry pieces can be accurately

duplicated at any time future.

The Initial Development includes mould making, production testing

and prototyping to entire that the design can be achieved and

for the future orders all the pieces will look the same.

How much is Initial Development Fee?

We charge $100 per design as Initial Development Fee.

Initial Development Fee is one-time fee so no need to worry about

additional fee afterward during production.

(Some complex designs may have higher Initial Development Fee)

Due to the nature of jewelry making and jewelry production,

there are many processes involved which required craftsmanship skills

and labor intensive, which including mould making, production testing

and prototyping.

Does Initial Development Fee include mould making? 

Can I take the mould away?

Yes, Initial Development Fee includes mould making.


However, due to the nature of the production business, the mould is

created using internal techniques and follow production processes which

is unique factory by factory and may not be replicated in other factory.  

Plus, as the nature of the manufacturing company not mould making business.

Even though we change for the fee but we are not profitable from this process.

We are just accommodating our customer on the small starting order

and, when the customer business picks up, ensuring that all future pieces will

look the same.

Therefore, regretfully, we reserve the right in the possession of the mould.

Can we make any design?

We will try our best to accommodate your designs as much as possible.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to talk to us!

However, sometime we do come across the design which outside our capabilities.

We will be honest on what we can and cannot achieve so no surprise later!


After receiving all necessary information and mould making decision, 

mould to sample process usually takes 4 - 6 weeks

which considering sample proofing in between


Just send us the email with following information and we will get back to you to discuss possibility and quotation 

1. Concept image (front, side and back if possible)

2. Dimension (Height x Width x Depth) and targeted weight (if known)

3. Stone options (CZ, Semi-precious, etc.)

4. Metal type (silver 925, gold) and plating option (rhodium, gold, oxidation)

The more details you can sent us, the more accurate we can provide the quotation,

for example, gallery on the inside of the ring.


CAD is not required if you don't have one, hand-drawn images are OK too. 

I already have the mould, Can I use mine?

Yes you can, just send us the mould we just go through normal ordering process as usual

Ready to Start or Need More Information?

Please do not hestitate to contact us!


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