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The Bracelets

"When I get asked 'What is Choon best product?', I answer 
'Handmade Lightweight Gold Bracelets'.

Our bracelets are made entirely by hand, each link is fabricated, soldered, stone-set and polished, link by link. We specialize in making handmade bracelets for over decades since the early day of company.


Though the technique is not very modern, I believe in the tradition can still deliver."

Visarut Nopsanti

Vice President

Handmade all the way

Link by Link

One Standard - The Best Only

All links are polished to the smallest details to give the bracelets the high polished shine in the entire piece.

All visible area must be polished to the highest quality.

We wouldn't do less for anything.

Best Quality Stones &


Light Weight Design

Light weight gold bracelet, starting from 4 gram in 9k gold. 

Each bracelet is designed and tested for strength and weight to achieve the target for our customers request and price range.

Silver design also available which is more forgiving in weight and would like more metal look. 

And One More Thing

We can change the lock

For All Bracelets

We are flexible to customization

We understand each customer has different needs. We have production capability and design team to fully adjust any design to our customer liking.

Whichever the request is from basic requirements like, changing the different stones and locks all the way to weight adjustment and design modification, we are happy to do it.


We always welcome customer design and OEM services.  

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